Python’s PyPDF2 library fills PDF templates with Excel data. It’s lightning fast too.

Data Entry. It is slow. It is boring. It is prone to human error. It is rule based and repetitive. It is ripe for automation.

Filling out a PDF template’s fields with the data found in an excel spreadsheet is a common task and one that takes a human an age to complete. In fewer than 100 lines of python code, you can automate this process. Once set up this thing can churn out 2971 copies a minute¹. And that’s without any coffee breaks.

Getting Started

You will need…

win32com allows you to automate boring Outlook e-mail operations — and it’s surprisingly easy to use!

Shave hours off your week using the win32com library

Most of us know what it’s like to log into our computer in the mornings and find ourselves awash in a sea of unread e-mails. We then go through the rigmarole of saving down attachments, moving e-mails across folders and generally sorting through it all in the same repetetive manner as we did the day before.

This sort of repetetive, rule-based task is ripe for automation and all you need automate your Outlook is to have Python and a library called win32com downloaded.

Getting Started


Hridai Trivedy

Python Quant | Computer Vision and Robot Enthusiast | MMA Sports Modelling | Automation Expert | Surfer | Sydney, Australia

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